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How Does This Work?


The Process

Welcome to the Studio! Let's get your creativity flowing......

You'll come in and be greeted by one of our friendly paint hostesses and will guide you to select from one of  over 100 of pre-fired pottery pieces ranging from $10-$100.  Once you pick your piece, your host will seat you and offer over 70 different color choices of paint as well as  design ideas, decorative techniques and guidance to let your inner artist flow!  When you are finished, the staff will take your piece and further process by clear glazing and firing it in our kiln.  This takes about a week to complete, you'll be given a date for pick up of your one of a kind creation!

Don't worry if you can't complete your piece in one sitting,  we'll be happy to hold the item for you for up to 30 days we just ask that you pay a painting fee with each sitting.  Sorry, we don't allow unfinished pieces to leave and come back to our studio, nor outside pieces be brought in to paint.  Occasionally, we do offer kiln-firing services....please contact a manager for more information. 


Custom Pieces

Yes!  Need a unique gift idea?  Let one of our studio artists paint a custom piece for you.  Great idea for teachers,  moms, dads and team coach appreciation!  Give us call or stop in for a custom qutoe.

gift cards.jpeg

Gift Cards

Gift cards to the studio are available in any amount and can be purchased in the studio.



FAQ’s  & General Info rev. 11.26.23

1.   Do I need to know how to paint?

Of course not!  This is about fun and self expression!  We always have staff on hand to offer any assistance or helpful suggestions.  Additionally we have books with ideas and samples as well as step-by-step instructions on how you can create a piece of pottery you will be proud to show off!

2.  Do you offer classes?

We offer workshops for adults and kids!  Instruction is given on a specific project  with step-by-step directions

in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Class instruction generally involves a mixed media type project,  special

glazes and techniques we don’t generally offer for walk-in customers.  We always have knowledgeable staff

on hand to help you achieve the look you want!  Check out our online calendar, social media or website


3.  Do I need an appointment to come in and paint?

NO! You can come in any time during normal business hours to paint in our “paint-you-own-pottery” studio.  We do

recommend calling ahead for parties of 6 or more so we can have a table ready for you!  765-450-3088

4.  Can I put them in my microwave and dishwasher?  Are the finished pieces food-safe?

We do not recommend dishwashers or microwaves for your works of art.  Yes, they are food safe….We

clear-glaze every piece so you get back a fully usable piece of pottery!  

5.  How long does it take to paint a piece?

Most projects can be completed within 1-1.5  hours.  You are welcome to stay as long as you like, or if you

need us to place your piece in our “work-in-progress” section you can come back another day.  Additional

$5.00 painting fees will apply each day you return to finish your piece. We will hold your piece for you to

complete for up to 30 days, after that time it will become property of the studio.  

6.  What types of bisqueware do you offer?

We are proud to offer a huge selection of utilitarian table and serving-ware, as well as a large selection of

home décor- kids figurines- piggy banks and holiday items!  If you don’t see what you are looking

for- ask us- chances are we can get it for you!


7.  Can my social group meet at your studio?

Absolutely!  We have a space  that is perfect for any social gathering- and painting pottery is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and colleagues.  Group rates apply for 8 or more. Ask for a custom quote for your group or gathering. Check out our Party Room options. 

8.  Is there a separate studio fee?

No!  As of 11/1/2023 we have become an all-inclusive studio!  Occasionally we will offer special events that require a ticket for a seat but that will be advertised as a workshop/event and explained as such.  A painting fee will be charged to return to the studio and finish any items that you have placed on hold from a prior visit. 

9.  How long does it take to get my piece back?

Your piece of pottery will be ready to pick up 1 week from the day of completion. Due to space - we ask that you pick your pottery up in a timely manner.  Fired Arts Studio  is not responsible for pieces left over 60 days.  We will give you up to 3 courtesy calls within that time frame, after the 60 day mark it will become property of the studio. 

10.  Do you offer coupons or discounts?

Yes, from time to time we offer special discounts for select items of bisque. We offer military discount every day...just show i.d.   

11.  How old does my child need to be to paint pottery?

If your child can sit in a chair and hold a paint brush- he /she can paint pottery!  We have a large selection of kid friendly items,

and special times devoted to kids painting! 

12.  Do you do Birthday parties?

We do great birthday parties!   We can accommodate up to 24 painters for a birthday and our package pricing is based on

8 attendees.  Birthday Parties are held in our Party sure to check out the details on the tabs above.  

13.  Can you place a word or letter my finished pottery piece?

YES!  We have a paid lettering service available.  Pricing is per word and is posted by the checkout counter.  Please note that

custom lettering may add 1-2 days to the lead time of your finished piece

14.  Do you take special orders?

We would love to bring your ideas to life!  We have an in-house artist who can help you create the perfect piece for yourself or

a special someone.  Custom quotes will be returned within 24 hours.  Please see a sales associate to gather the necessary


15.  Do you offer to-go or at-home kits?

No, not at this time. 

16.  I’d like to have my group paint pottery at our site or home, do you offer that?

Yes.  Off Site events can be the best option for your group or gathering!   Whether it’s for a daycare, school function, church gathering, or just a group of friends in-home celebration, we can accommodate your needs with a minimum requirement.  Please ask an associate or email the studio for additional information.    

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